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Fish-Poo Tomatoes!
  • Paul Sloan
  • August 09, 2017

The first crop of fish-poo tomatoes grown at the Lake District Coast Aquarium is ready to harvest. Although the name fish-poo is not very inviting, senior aquarist Paul Sloan assures people they are no different from vegetables grown with the help of manure as fertiliser in the soil. The aquarium, in Maryport, has been growing aquaponic plants for three years.

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Lobster Breeding success at Aquarium SEA LAB
  • Daniel Craig
  • December 03, 2017

In it’s third season of operation, with the lobster hatchery hive systems running well, a significant number of juveniles were released back into the wild on August 8th 2017

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Wildlife of the Solway Firth | Marra The Dolphin
  • Mark Vollers
  • July 14, 2017

It is now more than ten years since a Bottlenose Dolphin took up residence along the Solway Firth coast, then rapidly becoming a focus of national attention when she unwittingly became trapped for a while in Maryport Marina.

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Wildlife of the Solway Firth | The Lumpsucker
  • Daniel Craig
  • July 5, 2017

Who would have thought such an amazing looking fish could be found in the Solway Firth…..reaching a size of up to 50 cm and several kilos in weight. The Lumpsucker is so called because it has specially adapted ventral fins that allow it to ‘suck’ onto smooth surfaces, and so avoid being swept along by the current.

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